M.S.T. Soft Tissue Specialists

Soft Tissue Specialists

Providing The Highest Level Of Advanced Assessment, Analysis, Treatment & Home Care In The Industry


M.S.T. Clinic

Fixing What's Broken

The precise assessment, treatment and management of soft tissue injury, pain or dysfunction, primarily of the neuromusculoskeletal system.(Muscles, connective tissue/fascia, tendons, ligaments, joints & functional movement)


Corrective Exercise Clinic

Wake Up Tomorrow Stronger

Allow us to get you back on your feet like never before. Designed for those in need of corrective exercise and physical rehabilitation, or to compliment prescribed home care for existing M.S.T. Clinic members.


Corporate Clinic

In Unison With Your Business

Packages designed to take looking after and caring for your staff, to new heights, regardless of your industry.

Rehabilitation Specialists

Providing The Highest Level Of Advanced Assessment, Analysis, Treatment & Home Care In The Industry


Elite Performance Clinic

The Secret Weapon

A completely innovative, unique service, for the elite athlete, putting clinical reasoning, the highest level of performance soft tissue therapy, movement analysis, coaching and corrective exercise, at the forefront of it's ethos.

Event Work Clinic

Set Your P.B. Today

From professional sporting events, to marathons, obstacle courses and ultra endurance races, get the the edge you truly need to be the best on your day.


Health & Well-being Clinic

Take That Time, For You

Our focus is on the management of sympathetic arousal and the increase of parasympathetic and autonomic function, bringing homeostasis to the nervous system. We realise that stress and anxiety are very serious areas that need to be focused on and addressed in people's lives. Allow us to assist you with proven science.

Elite Performance Coaches

Providing The Highest Level Of Advanced Assessment, Analysis, Treatment & Home care In The Industry


True 1%

Elite Performance Coaching & Bespoke Training

Welcome To The True1%

Detaching the label of being general…from the public…and bringing you the level that sets the bar.

From fitness…to fat loss…from…strength…to conditioning…whether individually or in a group setting…we apply clinical reasoning…the highest level of performance soft tissue therapy…movement analysis…and functional physiology at the forefront of our ethos.

The results from exercise…health…and wellbeing…like they have never been brought to you before.

Originally designed for professional athletes…through popular demand…our various services are now being offered on a Mancunian daily basis.


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Welcome To Our World

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Updates will be posted consistently on a weekly basis covering various topics on movement, injury, posture, health, fitness, well being, exercise, nutrition, rehabilitation and life.

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